Oolong Communitea Call Recap #5

  • In the list of pairs that will be participating in the Trading Competition, keep in mind that for any pair that has Ethereum, it has to be WETH instead of ETH. For example, one of the pairs is USDT-WETH; if you trade with USDT-ETH, it will not be counted toward the final result!
  • And lastly, starting from this Trading Competition, whenever there are trading incentives, like this time for WAGMIv2, 50% of the trading fees will go to LP providers as usual; and for the remaining 50%, 25% of those will go to PCV, while the other 25% will go to development funds to sustain the project and continue development. We will also update this in Oolong Gitbook.


🚀Both WAGMIv2 and Trading Competition will start April 2nd around 11:59pm UTC (so in roughly around 2 hours)🚀 Get your assets ready Oolongans! Lets goooooo🚀🚀🚀



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