Introducing veOLO

  • You should deposit more LP tokens
  • You should stake more OLO and also stake them for a longer period of time to earn more veOLO
  • veOLO allows you to earn extra OLO in LP farming
  • You can continue to earn the current farming rewards
  • HOWEVER, your yield will be diluted (relatively) by people who farm with veOLO

What is veOLO?

  • To incentivize OLO tokens purchase
  • To encourage long-term staking
  • To make farming TVL directly related to staked token

How does it work?

  • Staked OLO earns veOLO over time
  • veOLO is earned at a consistent and constant rate
  • veOLO applies farm boosts to selected farms
  • The amount of veOLO you have will determine your share of the farm boost rewards
  • Upon unstaking OLO, user’s veOLO balance drops to 0
  • veOLO is not transferable nor tradable
  • List of farms with veOLO boost will be revealed sooon!

What will Happen with YOLO?



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