How To Oolong Bonds- Step by Step Tutorial

Bonding Steps

Before you start:

(1)Whitelisted users will have 24 hours to purchase the bonds before non-whitelisted users can buy.

(2) Please note that the maximum purchase amount PER TRANSACTION will be 5% of the total bond supply released, meaning 5% of $100,000 (this applies to both whitelisted and non-whitelisted users).

About OoolongSwap

OolongSwap is the biggest DEX on Boba Network, a layer-2 Ethereum scaling solution. As Boba’s first native AMM, it is Oolong’s mission to create the best exchange, best user experience, and deepest liquidity on Boba as our motto is “more to earn, less to spend”. Aside from the regular DEX features, we have also introduced features such as dynamic pair fees to offer users lower trading slippage, multea farm for users to earn double the rewards with the same investment capital and PCV and bonding to offer a sustainable future for Oolong. Our vision is to become the gateway between Boba and the rest of DeFi world, expanding the Boba ecosystem and help new and experienced DeFi users alike find their crypto home.



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